Ridden Horses for Sale

Our ridden horses are given the very best training with care, patience and just the right amount of love. They are brought on slowly with absolutely no stress so that they really enjoy their work. We have developed our skills over many years and believe that the correct starting of young horses is vital in developing that perfect relationship between horse and rider for life. We are proud of our horses and happy to share our knowledge with our clients so that we can help find the perfect horse to suit your needs.

Image: Mali ridden x2

Ajmala Grey mare by Shaka ex Winnie. Such a pretty mare with lovely paces who would make a lovely light hack and pet. She'd be a lovely broodmare too.

Image: Mali ridden x3

Image: Florence walking

Image: Florence ridden

Florence. Six year old mare by Da Vinci ex Fiolka by Rumak. She's a very friendly, energetic young mare with lovely paces, started her ridden training last summer. She's a very positive, active young horse and will probably be well suited to endurance (above)

Image: Willow ridden in the park

Willow. 9 year old bay mare by Kossack ex Winnie by Wermut
She's a beautiful, active mare with loads of energy who loves going out for long hacks and she enjoys her jumping too.

Image: Willow trotting

Image: Sienna ridden in trot and canter

Sienna. Six year old chestnut mare by Sheruggi ex Vienna by Wermut. She's a lovely ridden mare with a very sweet nature who is happy ridden out alone or in company and will excell at dressage or any ridden discipline as she has beautiful paces. (Above and below)

Image: Sienna ridden

Image: Siennatrotting free

Image: Sequin

...and we have more than just Arabians - this is 7 year old SEQUIN by Bandmaster TB out of Sparkle. She has started her ridden training and is coming on beautifully. She's a big elegant mare with a good stride; she's also been brought up the Combe Farm gentle way and has lots of possibility in many ridden disciplines.

Image: Sequin ridden

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