Foals 2013


Juniper. Stylish grey colt by Shaka ex Volante (by Wermut) - this has been such a sucessful cross, producing some of our best Shaka offspring and this lovely boy is no exception. SOLD



Iona. Elegant liver chestnut filly by Sheruggi ex Jolande (Da Vinci x Holly Blue). This autumn she's turned the most wonderful deep burnished colour with a very blond mane - truly eye catching colouring.

Image: Jolande filly

Image: Zarina trotting

Zarina, (SOLD) grey filly with the most intelligent and extrovert personality by Sheruggi ex Madge (by Rumak). She was an utter show off and easily stole the show at both our open days this year. (Photos above by Lisa Jennings at the second open day).

Image: Salsa filly x3

Marimba. Chestnut filly by Sheruggi ex Salsa (by Shaka ex Kamono). She's delightfully friendly and will follow you round the field, politely asking for attention.

Image: Salsa filly x2


Yelena. Grey filly by Da Vinci ex Sophie (by Shaka). Sweet natured and feminine with wonderful light, springy movement.



Winnie with her lovely filly by Shaka (above)
Gabriel, cheeky colt by Sheruggi ex Syrian Mellow (below)


Image: Kossack colt

Quinn  Bay colt by Kossack ex Syrian Magic 

Image: Magic with her foal


Darcey O'dora. Chestnut filly by Kossack ex Daphne Odora (by Rumak). Typey, sweet natured, strong limbed and beautifully balanced - Combe Farm breeding at it's best (above)

Image: Sophie with Yelena

Sophie with Yelena by Da Vinci

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