Foals 2009

Image: Winnie & Kaspian

Winnie and her colt Kasbian by Shaka (SOLD)

Image: colt

Maestro by Kossack ex Syrian Magic (1st and 2nd) and Kasbian by Shaka ex Winnie (3rd) Both sold

Image: kamono filly

Salsa by Shaka ex Kamono by Kulak

Image: Kamono filly

Maestro by Kossack ex Syrian Magic (sold)

Image: Kossack/Magic colt x3

Bluebell by Shaka ex Volante (SOLD)

Image: Bluebell

Saffron by Kossack ex Saffron Ring

Image: Saffron's filly

Image: Saffron's filly

Zebedee by Kossack ex Vienna (SOLD)

Image: Vienna and foal

Image: Vienna & Zebedee

Chiquita by Kossack ex Natalja (SOLD)

Image: bay

Sherpa by Sheruggi ex The Lady Gwinevere (SOLD)

Image: Sherpa

Salome with Matilda by Shaka (SOLD)

Image: Salome & Mathilda

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