The Friends of Combe Farm


A place for people who love horses.

My family and I have lived in this beautiful place for over 65 years. Horses have been my life and I started breeding them some 40 years ago. Amongst these there have been some famous names including The Newmarket Track Record holder ‘Welsh Blossom’. many top Eventers and the second placed Grand National horse, ‘Just So’

Arabian Horses came to Combe Farm in 1975 with the arrival of the exciting and energetic colt Hawk Moth along with his beautiful sister Holly Blue (Foundation Mare to the stud). Both set the scene for a stud that has become a world name in the realms of beauty and classical Arabian type. For many years we have owned the only World Champion Stallion in the UK, ‘Rumak’. His effect on this stud has been enormous!

With a wealth of knowledge and experience of horses worldwide (I was once Director of The Royal Stud of Oman, proud to have been elected President of The Arab Horse Society and privileged to judge Internationally at The National Championships of Australia, Jordan and Switzerland).

All of us at Combe Farm invite you to join us in the pleasures, the thrills and spills and joys of breeding Arabian horses by becoming one of ‘The Friends of Combe Farm’


We offer you and your family the opportunity to join us in seminars, practical and educational courses, visits and talks by International and professional speakers, studies in the psychology and sociology of horses in large herds and their development. Visits to other studs including Arabian, Thoroughbred and Pony, talks and discussions on the never ending subject of horses and all they have meant and done for us. The Friends of Combe Farm offer social gatherings to include barbeques, musical events, parties and fun times for every one!

For the more ambitious enthusiast there will be opportunities for those who would like to part-share in breeding and producing their own Arabian foal and take a vested interest in on-going developments in the breeding program and production of potential Show and Endurance Winners!

This is a wonderful place full of camaraderie, friendship and love. A Farm where many have claimed sanctuary from the wounds of life and have made pilgrimage to help us ensure our survival and progress. There are many who have affectionately called it their second home!

We invite you to join us to become one of ‘The Friends of Combe Farm’. We welcome you to register your details with us today or contact us via our dedicated email address: This opportunity is open to people from all walks of life and ages, all interests in horses and as such annual membership fees start from only 25.


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