FOALS 2022

Image: Flamnco and Moondance meeting face to face

Flamenco and Moondance face to face, both by Muhktar Ibn Eternity (above). Photos by Alysia phillips

 Dark brown/black part bred filly by Muhktar Ibn Eternity ex Fern (by Sheruggi ex Holly PB) 
She's a scopey, elegant filly with a very sweet, amenable temperament and flamboyant movement. She'll make a wonderful ridden mare with good height but the most unusual thing is her wonderful thoughtful, mature temperament - she seems like an old head on young shoulders and has always been a pleasure to deal with. (Below)

Image: Flamenco in August

Image: Flamenco walking and stood

Image: Flamenco head

Image: Flamenco on the move

Chestnut colt by Psyche's Spirit ex Daphne O' Dora by Rumak. Fantastic, substantial colt with a great sructure and very pretty dished head. He's very sweet too and will make a powerful ridden horse. (BELOW)

Image: Daphne's colt head

Image: mres and foals

Image: Royal Spirit in October

CF RAPHAEL - Bay Colt by Muhktar Ibn Eternity ex CF Olivia by Sheruggi (below) He's very gentle and a lovely mover just like his mum...

Image: Raphael head and with his dam

Image: Raphael trotting

Image: Raphael when very young

Olivia's colt Raphael when just born and also (right) with Syrian Magic's colt Moondance (left), both by Muhktar Ibn Eternity

Image: Moondance's beautiful head and arched neck

CF Moondance, Grey colt by Mukhtar Ibn Eternity ex Syrian Magic (by Wermut ex Syrian Mellow) SOLD (above)

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