Youngsters for sale

Image: Sunni trotting

Sunni. Liver chestnut gelding. 3 years old with a fantastic pedigree of show winning horses. He has such a sweet personality, typey head and lovely light movement. He's sensitive and really easy to handle in every way. He'll make a wonderful friend and ridden companion. He's a good size too - at least 14.3 already.....somebody will be very lucky to own him. SOLD

Image: Sunni portraits

Emilia Grey 2 year old filly by Shaka ex Winnie by Wermut. She's a lovely energetic filly who will excel in endurance (below)

Image: Emilia trotting & stood

Image: Emilia and Saphira

Image: Viola head and trot

Image: Viola cantering

Viola, Grey two year old filly (centre) by Da Vinci ex Volante by Wermut. She's our last Da Vinci baby and very typey with those wonderful soft eyes. (Above)

, two year old gelding by Shaka ex Daphne O'Dora by Rumak . This boy will turn heads - tall, very elegant and stylish and so light on his feet - even in the pouring rain! (Below) These photos were taken a year ago - he's matured and filled out a great deal since then and will make a fantastic endurance prospect.

Image: Elijah in the rain

Image: Elijah stood and trotting

Image: Elijah's extravagant trot

CF Atlantis. Grey gelding two years old by Shaka ex Amelie by Psyche's Spirit. He's a very tall (probably 15.1), super friendly boy with fantastic flair and spirit. He had an injury as a foal but moves well and will still make a light hack with a big fun personality. £1,500 - he's a bargain!

Image: Atlantis trotting, stood, head

Three year olds (see them as foals 2017 too)

Image: Ophelia head & extravagant trot

Ophelia Grey filly by Shaka ex Lady Amy. She portrays the best of everything Combe breeding stands for; she's so beautiful, very correct, with lovely movement and an exceptional temperament. She learns so quickly, loves working in hand and has been sat on very lightly and takes it all in so easily (see below). She'll be a joy to own for the lucky person who buys her!

Image: Ophelia x2

Image: Ophelia ridden


Image: Scarlet ridden and free

SCARLET Bright bay mare, 6 years old, by Sheruggi ex Valenssia by Wermut. A very beautiful, refined young mare who could excel in a showing or ridden career. She's extremely sweet natured and very sensitive, with a beautiful head and light movement. She's taken to riding very happily and hacks out alone or in company. This a rare opportunity to buy one of Combe Farm's very best horses - she's not been offerted for sale before (above)

Image: youngsters in the field

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