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Michael Harris has been breeding and training show and endurance horses at Combe Farm for nearly 40 years. He started his career with Thoroughbreds, breeding a Newmarket 6 furlong track record holder and standing Sousa, a highly successful racing and eventing stallion at stud - sire of a 2nd place winner in the Grand National. He judges Arabians nationally and internationally; was Director of the Royal Stud of Oman and is a past President of the Arab Horse Society.
His aim is to maintain the quality, sanity and soundness of the breed and promote the versatility of the Arabian in order to ensure it's long term future.

Image: Michael with Kamono

Michael with Kamono who has bred four beautiful fillies by Shaka (see our foals pages). Michael has followed his passion for horses ever since he bought a beautiful (and very inappropriate) ex race horse to learn to ride on, at the age of 14.

Image: Emily & Ginny

 Emily with Vesuvius (left) who has helped at the farm for many years in her spare time and is now training to be a vet herself. Michael's niece Ginny (right) with her favourite mare Sabhine. She's following in Michael's footsteps with her deep love of horses.


Michael, Sasha and Catherine at home with the mares and foals.

Sasha (our horse manager) started helping with the horses at weekends when she was 13 years old and has been here ever since. Her caring understanding of the horses is immense and she has a huge influence on the breeding programme and the training of the young horses for both showing and riding. I can't imagine how the farm would run without her!


Sasha and her daughter Alysia with Anastasja enjoying spring in the field with the mares.

Image: Sasha riding Anastasja with her foal alongside

Image: ella and Da Vinci

Ella with her stallion Da Vinci. She's been a very active part of the farm for over 30 years and takes the photos (amongst many other things). The wonder of horses is that the more you give to them, the more they return that affection. Our horses are much appreciated and they know it.

Image: 4 young wwoofers

VOLUNTEERING. Combe Farm welcomes young people from the 'workaway' organisation and others and we often have a hard working band of helpers from all over the globe...do email us if you'd like to join them and live on the farm helping with both cows and horses.


Gwinevere enjoying some TLC from Alysia and India (above)
Sasha and Catherine taking Kamono and her new filly out to the field (below)


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