Foals 2016

Image: Oscar with Da Vinci

Oscar introducing himself to his sire Da Vinci at the open day (photo by Ali Phelps Loman)

Image: filly foal

Image: Rosalind x3

Rosalind. Exquisite, dainty grey filly by Shaka ex Lady Amy (above)

Leonardo.  Beautiful gentle grey colt with exquisite eyes, by Da Vinci ex Vienna (photos by Mark Tabrett at our spring open day) below


Ruskin. Grey colt by Da Vinci ex Sophie, only 2 weeks old below - so bright, confident and charming. He has beautiful paces and is going to be very tall like his lovely brother Rossini.

Image: Sophie colt

Image: Oscar in October

Oscar, grey colt by Da Vinci ex Madge by Rumak. A tall, energetic, confident boy with a beautiful strong body and outgoing friendly personality. He's going to become a really magnificent, powerful horse and superb endurance prospect, closely related to many very successful winners.

Image: Oscar in October

Image: Oscar x3

Image: Lola trotting

Lola - our last foal and what a stunner. A beautiful chestnut filly by shaka ex Amelie by Psyche Spirit ex Lady Jane Grey with lots of panache and oodles of Arabian type to go with her showgirl name.

Image: Lola and her mother

Image: Jasper x3

Jasper grey colt by Da Vinci ex Leila. Sweet natured, laid back boy who just takes everything in his stride like a mature horse. (Above)
Eragon. Lovely strong chestnut colt by Shaka ex Jolande (ex Holly Blue) - so friendly and confident with the most beautifully set large eyes (below) (top left head shot, Mark Tabrett) Not for sale.

Image: Eragon x2

Image: Eragon x3

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