Foals 2015

Merlin, colt by Shaka ex Blue Jasmine by Wermut.

Image: Jasmine and Eclipse

Merlin is a lovely strong grey colt who carries himself with such pride and flair. Always alert, he has beautifully set eyes like his mum; his movement is exceptional - he can just float -  and you always notice him in the field.

Image: Merlin trotting

Indigo, colt by Da Vinci ex Syrian Magic by Wermut

Image: Indigo x3

Indigo is a beautiful smooth bodied young horse who exudes elegance, with a delightful gentle temperament and very pretty head.

Image: Da Vinci foal

Elderberry, colt by Kossack ex Winnie by Wermut

Image: Dandelion with Cossack

Elderberry is super confident and really people orientated and shows lots of curiousity and independance from his dam, socialising happily with the yearlings in his field. Seen here going straight up to his sire Kossack in Ali's lovely photo from the open day.

Image: Dandelion x3

Matisse, colt by Sheruggi ex Madge by Rumak (SOLD)

Image: Elegant Matisse

Matisse is an elegant, powerful colt with wonderful elasticity in his stride and his world champion grand sire's swan like neck. Certainly an endurance horse in the making if not a future stallion with the best of Combe Farm bloodlines in his pedigree. Sadly our very last foal by the wonderful gentle, talented Sheruggi, sire of so many fantastic Combe Farm ridden horses.

Image: Mystic and his dam Madge by Rumak

Galileo, colt by Da Vinci ex Volante by Wermut (below)

Image: Galileo trotting

Galileo is the spitting image of his glamorous sire with exquisite eyes, oodles of arab type, beautiful lift in his movement and the friendliest personality. He is intelligently bold and confident and will be an absolute joy to work with (and he'll always turn heads).

Image: Young Galileo head

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