Foals 2014

Image: Mares & foals in the field

Image: Venus trotting


Filly by Shaka ex Volante (above). SOLD Venus has such natural presence and style. This cross has been so successful that we have repeated it several times with fantastic results.
Filly by Sheruggi ex Vienna (below) only 2 days old then in September. Sienna is an elegant filly with charm and lovely natural presence


Image: vienna filly

Image: Magic x Kossack colt

Colt by Kossack ex Magic by Wermut. Mulberry when only one day old and feeling very tired! (Above) and again in September, already on his way to turning grey (below). He's almost too pretty to be a boy!

Image: Mulberry

Filly by Sheruggi ex Sophie. Chestnut, Olivia is a wonderful mover and has the gentle nature of both her parents.

Image: Olivia trotting

Filly by Sheruggi ex Salsa (below) Ch. Friendly Cadenza is the most fantastic mover - so light on her feet, she just eats up the ground when she trots. She'll make an amazing endurance horse. SOLD

Image: Salsa & filly

Image: Lady Amy colt

Sherwood. Colt by Sheruggi ex Lady Amy. Grey. SOLD
He has the friendliest, most communicative personality of any foal we have bred, leaving his mum in order to spend time with anybody who will cuddle him in the field from an unusually early age - but he's also sensitive and never oversteps the mark. Quite an unusual character who will make a great pet.

Image: Sherwood making friends

Image: foals x3

3 lovely fillies: Scarlet (Sheruggi ex Valenssia), Venus (Shaka ex Volante) SOLD, and Sienna (Sheruggi x Vienna)

3 Sheruggi sisters below; Sienna, Olivia and Cadenza (SOLD)

Image: 3 sisters

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