Foals 2011

Image: Annie's filly with Alysia

We have some wonderful foals this year and all have been handled in our special Combe Farm way - if you're interested and would like to come and see them, do call Michael on 01404 42334 to arrange a visit.

Image: mares & foals

HUCKLEBERRY, Grey colt born 29th March ex Lady Amy (The Prince of Orange ex Lady Jane Grey) by Acorn (Elderberry Blue) SOLD
JESTER, chestnut colt born 1st April. Ex Kamono (Kulak ex Polly Marie) by Acorn (Elderberry Blue) SOLD
WILLOW, Bay filly born 5th April ex Winnie (Wermut x The Lady Gwinevere) x Kossack (Kulak ex Holly Blue)
NOAH, Bay colt born 12th April ex Vienna (Wermut x Lady Jane Grey) x Kossack (Kulak ex Holly Blue)
FLORIAN, Grey colt ex Madilly (Madour x The Gilded Lily) by Sheruggi (Hawk Moth x Samiha Bint Samhan) SOLD
MONACO, Grey colt ex Madge (Rumak x Marie Antoinette) by Sheruggi(Hawk Moth x Samiha bint Samhan) SOLD
NANOUSHKA, Grey filly born 18th May ex Natalja (Neposnij x Autumn Astral) by Rumak (our last Rumak offspring)
LANCELOT, Grey colt born 9th June ex Gwinevere (Holly Blue x Rumak) by Da Vinci(Crusader x Mazourka)
SYRIAN DANCER, Grey filly born 28th June ex Syrian Mellow (Rumak x Alcina) by Sheruggi
FABIAN, Chastnut part bred colt, by Bandmaster ex Fern (Sheruggi x Holly) (SOLD)


HUCKLEBERRY, grey colt by Acorn ex Lady Amy


Image: Acorn & Kamono


Image: Win & Kossack

WILLOW, grey filly by Kossack ex Winnie (by Wermut)

Image: winnie filly


FLORIAN, grey colt by Sheruggi (by Hawk Moth) ex Madilly (by Madour)(SOLD)

Image: madilly and foal

Image: Rumak and Natalja

NANOUSHKA, grey filly by Rumak ex Natalja

Image: Natalja and filly

Image: Natalja and filly


NOAH, bay colt by Kosack ex Vienna

Image: V's colt

Image: Vienna and foal

Image: sire and dam

MONACO, Grey colt. Born April. By Sheruggi (by Hawk Moth) ex Madge (by Rumak) SOLD

Image: Madge's colt x2

Image: title

LANCELOT, grey colt by Da Vinci ex Lady Gwinevere (Rumak x Holly Blue)

Image: Da Vinci colt

Image: Lancelot x3


ZINNIA, Grey filly, Anastasja (Rumak ex Orange Blossom) x Kossack (Kulak ex Holly Blue) Day old photo at top of page with Alicia.

SYRIAN DANCER, Grey filly born 28th June. Syrian Mellow (Rumak) x Sheruggi (Hawk Moth ex Samiha Bint Samhan)


FABIAN, Chestnut colt. Part bred arab. (SOLD) By Bandmaster (TB) ex Fern (Sheruggi ex Holly)

Image: Fern and foal

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