Foals 2017

Image: Beautiful filly from Amy

Ophelia Charming dainty filly by Shaka ex Lady Amy. She reminds us all of her lovely grandfather The Prince of Orange (above and below)

Image: Amy filly trotting

Image: Filly by Da Vinci ex Magic

Mirabelle Pretty, curvacious grey filly by Da Vinci ex Syrian Magic

Image: Vilette x3


Samuel, Lovely grey colt by Da Vinci ex Christabelle by shaka ex Blue Jasmine. He's a wonderful mover and is so friendly and easy to handle - a really people orientated young boy with a perfect temperament.

Image: mare and foal

Image: Samuel trotting

Image: Fern's colt

Image: week old colt by Shaka

Foxtrot, Strong handsome colt by Shaka ex Fern PB by Sheruggi, less than a week old but full of presence (above) Photos by Mark Tabrett

Byron, Elegant grey colt by Da Vinci ex Sophie. He has wonderful lift, elasticity and extravagance in his paces and is going to be a very tall boy with a beautiful front, just like his full brother Ruskin. (Below)

Image: Byron and Sophie trotting

Image: Byron trotting

Vilette, beautiful filly by Da Vinci ex Volante. Charming friendly foal with and exquisite head and well set, generous eye.(Below)

Image: Vilette stood

Image: Vilette trotting

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