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Image: Group of young arabs

Young stock and ridden horses for sale and this years foals available.

Finding the right horse is so important. We have a few beautifully handled young horses for sale as well as thoughtfully trained ridden Arabians and brood mares - do contact us to see if we have a horse to suit your needs.Summary of available young horses listed below...

Fillies /young mares

Image: 4 fillies for sale

(Above) San Francisco (sold), Emilia, Viola and Ophelia NFS

CF EMILIA 2018 Grey filly by Shaka ex Winnie by Wermut
CF VIOLA 2018 Grey filly by Da Vinci ex Volante by wermut
FELICITY 2018 Chestnut filly by Santorini ex Enchantress by Psyches Spirit


Image: 3 beautiful heads

Pictures (from the left): Elijah, Adonis Blue (sold) & Angelo

CF ELIJAH 2018 dark grey gelding by Shaka ex Daphne O'Dora by Rumak
CF ALADDIN 2020 Chestnut gelding by Psyche’s Spirit ex Vienna by Wermut
ANGELO 2018 dark bay gelding by Santorini

Anglo and part breds

FERN 2003 bay PB broodmare by Sheruggi ex Holly 
CF SEQUIN 2011(TB) bay mare by Bandmaster (tb) ex Spring Sparkle

Pictures of Sequin

Image: Sequin

If you would like more information about any of these horses please email us or contact Michael on 01404 42334 or Sasha on 01404 814828

All photographs © Ella Galinski

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